Temple Free Will Baptist Church

Upcoming Birthdays/Anniversaries

Birthdays Next 14 Days
Vernon Tate August 17th
Pete Peters August 17th
Nina Rouse August 18th
Gene Peak August 19th
Stephanie (Tammy) Sasser August 20th
Hal Yost August 22nd
Charlotte Weber August 23rd
Jimmy Clayborn August 23rd
Jennifer Flowers August 25th
Jeff Shaver August 29th
Joyce Yost August 30th
Odis Mooty August 31st
Anniversaries Next 14 Days
Hal Yost August 20th
Joyce Yost August 20th
Parry DuPree August 21st
Joyce DuPree August 21st
Glen Rodgers August 22nd
Connie Rodgers August 22nd
Darryl Schmidt August 26th
Tina Schmidt August 26th
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Carl Slay el 04, 07, 2013 to 10:51 am

Good Moring ,

my mothers birthday is july 4th not the 3rd ( Dixie Slay )
I am her son Carl,
By the way this web site is great , the new camera covers more of the worship,

Thank You

In His Name Our Lord,,,,,

Carl F. Slay

Clayton P. Minear el 16, 07, 2013 to 11:38 am

I love the new format